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 Long Term Server Offline??? Why?? - Find Out More.

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BeitragThema: Long Term Server Offline??? Why?? - Find Out More.   13th November 2009, 13:22

It have been "ages" rather the Server went offline unknowingly in a sense and the next thing we do is to "QUIT". the reasons behind the whole "offline-duty" was because of hosting error that debugs into hoster computer that cause proxy-server to be unabled to response to protocols when started. On behalf of soulscape players and the staff.. i would like to seek apology for the inconveniece that i've cause due to the debugging fault on my computer.

moving on to new CHAPTER of soulscape....

after hearing from our players about the source. it seems that it
s a little "Runescape" And it's better that pvp and bh are fixed. sadly we failed to fix that.. however , we''re yet to put on new source that requires no TRAINING.. basically it's a pickup server and you will have to pay when you do the following e.g (::item 157 1).. - it's an automated g.e database. Donators Can have ability to ::yell and receive ***M or any case of that.. (more info refer to donator's page @ Portal)

Here are the features


There you have it i hope you will be satisfied with the features.. Server will resume operating on the [15/11/09] Thank You For Your Co-Operation.

Fixed a lot of the PvP
-Added all PvP interfaces
-100% Working Clan Chat
-Normal and Ancient Spells working
-Lunar spells about 50%
-Full Miasmic
-Edgeville 1v1 Pking
-Varrock Multi PvP Pking
-Deep Wilderness Pking
-Mage Bank Pking
-Bounty Hunter is now 100%
-Started on Clan wars not yet done
-All spells need runes
-80% Potions work correctly
-95% Weapons and Specials
-Split Private Messaging
-Near Perfect banking
-Drop Items on Death
-Perfect PvP Drops
-Working Teleblock
-Teletabs working
-Protect item
-Working Pray on PvP and PvN
-Correct requirements for items
-100% Correct Wildy Levels
-Fixed some Major bugs
-Added Most Special and Player attack on NPC's
-Added Full Godwars with kill count
-Added KBD
-Added Rule-12's Fight Pits
-Redid Trading
-Added Full Bank Noting
-Kalphalite Queen works 100% (Changes Forms)
-Added Kalphalite Lair leading to KQ
-Player follows you when in combat
-Working on AutoCast System
-Added Server Crash Report
-Added many correct NPC's to their Correct places
-Rune Crossbow fully working
-Added All (e) bolts working
-Dragonfire Shield with Operate works
-WoodCutting 70%
-Mining Works 70%
-Agility Works 50%
-Withdraw All but One works
-Fixed Wildy Interfaces 100% (Skulls and Level Id's)
-Added PvNPC combat besides spec and range
-Added Thieving Stalls
-Fixed x logging by not letting log out in combat
-Friends list loading and saving
-Wildy is correct in Every place
-Fixed Friends List Loading and Saving
-Godwars NPC's 100%
-Added Godwars NPC Kill count 100%
-Added Box Armour sets
-All Amulet of Glorys (Even (t) teleport home)
-Dragon Bracelet Teleports to Fight Pits
-Ring of Dueling Teleports to Duel Arena
-Added Every single Bone with burying
-Added Almost every food item healing now
-Godwars 100% now
-Added Basic cooking (1 item at a time)
-Added some basic smelting
-Added Flax picking
-Added Stringing flax
-Fixed tons of little bugs/glitches
-Fixed safe spots in wildy where they should be (ex: Clan Wars)
-Inferno Adze working (Can Woodcut and Mine)
-Fixed error when logout your height gets reset to 0, so no more nulled accounts
-Fixed Objects loading (Did not load correctly on z508)
-Added Shops
-Added Many Item Prices
-Added PvP World Manual
-Added Godsword Assembly
-Fixing Godwars NPC Kill count for some reason it stopped working
-Added PvNPC Combat
-Added Ranging vs NPC
-Added Corp Beast (Not the one in Tutorials)

please give us your feedbacks about this. we need to hear from our players itself. thank you for sending us your feedbacks with regards of soulscape..

C E O of Soulscape PK [525]

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Long Term Server Offline??? Why?? - Find Out More.
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