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 Rules Of SoulScape PK

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BeitragThema: Rules Of SoulScape PK   11th Oktober 2009, 05:24

Rules Of SoulScape PK

~You Are Strictly Not Allowed To Advertise Other Websites.
~NO Impersonator of Staff In-Game.
~Strictly No Spamming
~do Not multi-login
~do not use vulgarities in-game. instead report them.
~Strictly No botting (third party software used)

Arrow Player Moderators Are to ::muteuser (username) Of Those Who Are Caught Flouting The Rules & Regulations.

C E O of Soulscape PK [525]

Read The FORUM* Rule Before Posting A Thread. ~ Forum Administrator Duty.

Zuletzt von Zeno am 29th Oktober 2009, 17:20 bearbeitet; insgesamt 2-mal bearbeitet
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x reminder x
SoulScape Administrator™
SoulScape Administrator™

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BeitragThema: Re: Rules Of SoulScape PK   27th Oktober 2009, 23:10

nice topic zeno. Very Happy
yup follow the rules and we like you Very Happy

p.m me if you need help
in game name: reminder
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Rules Of SoulScape PK
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